Original hand-coloured engraving from "Wilkinson's General Atlas of the World". These beautiful maps by mapmaker Robert Wilkinson is a great addition to any collection.

Sheet size approx. 255 x 335 mm;  Frame size approx. 220 x 278 mm
Condition: Shows normal age and usage related wear for a 200 year old map; Original printing plate mark visible; Some minor margin soiling on some prints; Blank on verso. Please ask questions on specific map you are interested and we will provide more details.

Robert Wilkinson (fl. c. 1768 - 1825) was an active cartographic publisher from 1785 till his death in 1825. Wilkinson acquired the map plates of John Bowles of which he updated and tooled until he issued the "Wilkinson's General Atlas of the World" in 1794. The atlas, containing 48 hand-coloured engraved maps, was re-issued in numerous editions.

After his death, Wilkinson's business and plates were sold to William Darton, who republished the General Atlas in 1826.

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Sell price | Year | Plate number | Title | Full title as inscribed

$105.00 23** 1807 Silesia -- SILESIA
$105.00 24** 1806 Hungary -- HUNGARY. and TRANSILVANIA.
$80.00 26** 1809 Netherland -- THE NETHERLANDS including LIEGE
$100.00 27** 1805 France -- FRANCE, Divided into PROVINCES.
$100.00 30 1808 Switzerland -- SWITZERLAND
$150.00 31 1806 Italy -- ITALY, SICILY, SARDINIA CORSICA
$120.00 32 1808 Sardinia -- DOMINIONS of the King of SARDINIA
$100.00 33 1808 North East Italy -- The NORTH EAST PART of ITALY Comprising the ESTATES OF VENICE The DUCHIES of MILAN, MANTUA, MODENA & PARMA; with Part of the ESTATES OF GENOA

* not showing
**partial showing

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