Vintage model K Servis Recorder, an event recorder aka Truck recorder
Servis Event and Activity Recorders have been manufactured for over 70 years and are widely used in many parts of the world on vehicles, plant and appliances, machines and processes. Manufactured at Gloucester England by Servis Recorders. They are basically self-contained instruments wherein a working and idle time chart is produced automatically, giving a simple, accurate picture of events and activities.

The recording stylus is actuated by means of a weighted pendulum swinging in response to the appliance movement. The model K makes a 24 hour record with each revolution on a 4" diameter chart. A completely self-contained unit including wind-up mechanism, it requires no wiring or mechanical connection.
The mechanism locks to prevent tampering.

Size: 4-7/8" W  x 5-1/2" H x 2-5/8" D

Serial Number 477362

Condition: Used, Excellent - original paint bar a few small scratches - Fully functional - Charts still available for purchase online.

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