part no. 404

1/4"NPT Back
Pressure range: 0-75 psi
Temperature range: 30-240 °F

Dial 2.5” (63mm) aluminum, painted white
Case Steel, painted black
Lens 2.5″ (63mm): Acrylic, threaded
Stem Brass
Socket Brass
Tube Phosphor bronze
Movement Brass and phosphor bronze
Sensing Element
Temperature: Bi-metallic coil
Pressure: Bourdon tube
Pointer Aluminum, anodized black
Welding Tin-alloy solder
Pressure Limit
75% of full scale range
Ambient Temperature
23°F to 122°F (-5°C to 50°C)
Process Temperature
75% of full scale range
Pressure: ±3-2-3%
Temperature: ±3% of full scale
Enclosure Rating

Condition: New old stock

Quantity available: 17

price: $25.00 ea

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