SONIC® BLUE GUARD (NLGI #2) is a premium lithium complex multi-purpose grease. It excels in areas of rust and oxidation resistance, anti-wear, and extreme pressure.

400g tube

NLGI Grade 2
Thickener Type Lithium
Colour Blue
Base Oil Viscosity
@ 40°C 198 cSt
@ 100°C 16.7 cSt
Dropping Point 288 °C
  Worked, 60 strokes 280
  Unworked 275
Timken OK Load 55 kg / 121 lb
Four-Ball Weld Point 400 kg

Manufacturers’ requirements pertaining to:
Wheel Bearings
Universal Joints
Various Industrial Applications
Ball Joints
Automated Lubricator (FLOW-RITE only)
Electric Motors
Multi-purpose applications where a standardized product is required
Clutch Throwout Bearings
Chassis Fittings

Condition: New

Quantity available: 15

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