mfg/model DURAFLO / 626060-00B

- Molded in screen prevents insects and bees from nesting in the gable
- Molded in screen cannot come unglued
- 3" J Channel
- Removable flange allows for easy trimming access and covers any installation miscuts
- Removable template acts as a template for cutting the vent hole and precutting the siding to conform to the gable
- Patented drip channel allows for a truly caulk free installation
- The drip channel funnels water out and over the siding
- The deep wood grain finish of the Duraflo gable enhances the appearance for a real wood look without the maintenance
- The large flange with predrilled holes ensures an easy and weatherproof installation
- Level lines make a quality installation simpler
- Material: U.V. stabilized polypropylene co-polymer
- Tested for cold impact to -20C (-4F)
- Color: white
- Applications: aluminum, PVC and wood siding, brick, shake or stucco
- CSA certified
- Large net free air flow 58 sq in.

retails fo $65+tax

Condition:  New old stock

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